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Heggies Pizza Fundraiser


Selling Heggies Pizza is a fantastic, optional fundraising opportunity we offer to our hockey families. Proceeds of approximately $4 - $5 per pizza will be credited directly to your Somerset Hockey Account, and can be used for any Somerset Hockey Association expense: tournament fees, registration, camps, jerseys, etc.

The Order form is linked below.

Your order form and check are due to the rink on

Saturday, October 31 by 8:00pm!

You will turn in 1 master order form and 1 check for all of the pizzas you sell. Please be sure any payments made by check are payable to YOU and not to SHYA.

The delivery and pick up date is Monday, November 16th between 3:30-5:30 pm at the Somerset Hockey Arena. Please be sure to make arrangements to pick up your pizzas on this date. 

When you arrive on the 18th to pick up your order, please wait in the entryway for someone to bring the order to you. Thank you in advance for your patience.


Questions? Contact Quinn Williams • Fundraising Coordinator •

♦ Jan. 2018 - 646 Pizzas Sold; $3,069 in Association Accounts

♦ Nov. 2017 - 1,388 Pizzas Sold; $6,654.71 in Association Accounts

♦ Mar. 2017 - 322 Pizzas Sold; $1,553.91 in Association Accounts

♦ Dec. 2016 - 988 Pizzas Sold; $4,700.79 in Association Accounts

♦ Feb. 2016 - 373 Pizzas Sold; $1,748.53 in Association Accounts

♦ Nov. 2015 - 522 Pizzas Sold; $2,503.62 in Association Accounts


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