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Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Hours

Families are responsible to make sure the hours they work have been credited on the Completed Volunteer Hours Tracking Spreadsheet.  It may take up to two weeks for your reported hours to appear on this spreadsheet.  If you have worked volunteer hours and have not received credit, please contact Stacey Belisle.

What counts for volunteer hours: concessions (mandatory 5 hours per family), pre-approved designated rink projects, concerts, pre-approved fundraising events, cleaning, working games – home and away (score keeper, time clock and penalty box), board positions, and coaching. Hours worked at your home tournament do not count for your volunteer hours requirement.

Managers and assistant coaches will receive 25 in-season hours, but still must complete their 20 off season hours.

A maximum of 5 hours can be carried over from in season work to the required 20 hours off-season requirement.

How to Report Hours: If you are working in concessions, write your name, your child's name, and number of hours worked in the book by the register. If you do rink projects for Dan Gilkerson, please email Stacey Belisle directly (email link at the bottom of this page). Your manager will report all hours worked at home and away games.

If you have never worked concessions: If you have never worked concessions before, email Melissa Reese at to set up a time to train prior to your shift.

Volunteer Hours required for each level:

Junior Spartans: 10 hours per session

Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams: 25 hours in-season; 20 hours off season

The spreadsheet shows hours that still need to be worked. The concessions requirement column will be greyed out if you have completed your 5 hour concessions requirement. Any additional hours you work, in either column, will show up in parentheses. (ex: if you see (5.5) in the greyed out concessions column, that means your concessions requirement is fulfilled and you have worked 5.5 hours above and beyond your concessions requirement.)

Volunteer Opportunities

Click on the links below to view and sign up for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Varsity Play off game

Jr. Gold Tournament, February 16, 17, 18

MN D2 Tournament-St. Croix Valley Recreation Center

These shifts are minor official positions at St. Croix Valley Recreation Center, 1675 Market Drive, Stillwater for the MN D2 tournament.

If you sign up for these shifts, you will also be credited with your travel time. It is imperative that you show up on time for your shift and have knowledge of the shift you are signing up for. D2 charges SYHA for all unfilled shifts, and for any no-shows.

February Concessions

February Open Skate

January Open Skate

January Concessions

Stillwater Roses Tournament

SHS JV & Varsity Concessions

WW Stars Varsity concessions

WW Stars and SHS Alumni Games: December 22

If you have any questions, please contact:

Stacey Belisle